My Profile

Allow me to introduce myself and why I became a Realtor

I had stated off my career in sales. Fifteen years of selling in the United Arab Emirates i.e. in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. I was selling Building Materials to Commercial Steel structures and everything inbetween. Ended my career there as a Sales Analyst/Fleet Sales Manager for a General Motors dealer. Coming to Canada caused me to have a paradigm shift and move into the Information Technology Corporate World. I specialized in Service Management and put my sales and peoples skills to good use.

Having a passion for homes and renovations and the need to move over half a dozen times because of my job; I found myself having to sell and buy various homes. This ignited once again my passion for selling and this time as a Real Estate Professional.

My experience in the field of inspections, plus my own renovation projects has given me a tremendous insight into determining the condition of your home; and, can assist you in making decisions that are in your best interests. Educate yourself and discover as much as possible about your prospective property or your current home, so when you list or sell with me you can rest assured and feel secure with your decision.